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Event ticketing sent from heaven.

Let there be light

A ticketing system designed to shine.

A Fluid Journey

Paying on the go is a pleasant walk in the park with Sparky.

Delightfully Designed

Who let the dogs out? We did. To make it ever more simple, powerful, and playful.

A customer experience should be like playing fetch with Sparky.

Splash Page

Click. Drag. Drop. Done.

Watch your back! Here comes Sparky!

Your Best Friend

Like it Old School




Whether it's helping you work out issues or discussing future features and possible ideas, we are one call away 24/7.



Who said paper ticket is too old? Whether your customers are digital natives or people who still read newspaper, we have the perfect solution. No compromise.





Nobody likes long lines. With our mobile apps or lazer scanners, we demolish long lines in seconds.



Reward your Fans



A Partnership for Life

White Labeled

Know your die-hard fans and automatically based on the rules you set.



10 years of tech and event industry experience and we are here to share techniques, advice and our networks.

Your brand is always the center of attention.  No more 3rd party redirects, brand, or colors tainting your site.



Keep it Flowing

Social Social Social

You Own the Data

Moving payments to your bank account as fast as Sparky chasing a ball.



Cater to those social butterflies.  Sell tickets without your customers ever having to leave Facebook.



Say no more to third parties sending competitors’ events to your customers. That is a crime.





You are in good hands

paws :)

Our Story

Learn how it all begins





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