Building communities together

ticketing for NPOs – a ticketing community who cares

Better Connected

Event production is at the heart of bringing communities together. At Sparxo, we believe that everyone has the ability to make a positive impact in this world. We see event producers as community builders. Event producers help us connect with each other and the great causes around us. This is why building better tools to connect people with the intention of giving back to our communities is a part of our core identity at Sparxo. Sparxo Ticketing for NPOs is the perfect solution for your next event, fundraiser, or gathering!

The Future of Giving

Our goal is to grow our organization to a size where we can launch our own nonprofit initiatives in the future. It is important for us to practice community building to understand how we can best create our event management and ticketing tools for those that are doing great work in the community groups around us. As Sparxo grows, our desire to give back grows. Partner with Sparxo to ticket your NPO event – ticketing for NPOs just got better!

Nonprofit Program

We believe in low ticket fees for all ticket holders. That means our fees are very competitive for all organizations including nonprofit organizations. We are always exploring ways to engage with the many nonprofit community groups around us. If you are a nonprofit, ask us about ways we can collaborate and support your cause.

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