A powerful system

with a small convenience fee

Sparxo Platform Fee

No Contracts. No Setup Fees. No Cancelation Fees.

Simple and transparent – the way it should always be!


For tickets under $25.00


For tickets between $25.00 to $50.00


For tickets $50.00 and over

The maximum Sparxo convenience fee is $3.00 + 2.9% + .30 per ticket. This fee includes the Sparxo application fee and the credit card transaction fee. The whole fee can be passed onto the customer or internalized or split.


Free events are always free with Sparxo!

Always receive payments before your event! INSTANT PAYOUTS available through qualified and approved Stripe accounts.


*Please note that our development team worked hard so that all funds are distributed right away to the correct recipient. At the time of processing, the Stripe fee goes directly to Stripe, the ticket fee directly to the organizer, and Sparxo fee directly to Sparxo.

*An extra $0.30 is added to each additional ticket purchased in a bundle. For example, if the Sparxo fee is $1.00. The first ticket will be charged a $1.00 application fee. If there are two tickets purchased at the same time, the fee will be $1.00 for the first ticket and $1.30 for the second ticket.

Our payment processor has announced that any refunds issued to your customers or ticketbuyers will not include the Stripe payment processing fee. This means that when you issue a refund or a customer disputes a charge through a chargeback, the Stripe fee is refunded to your customer and paid for by you.

To help clarify this, here is an example: (Note: the fee structure in the example may not be reflective of the actual fee stucture of Sparxo or Stripe.

John Smith buys a ticket for $10.

John Smith pays a $1 Sparxo fee and a $1 Stripe fee.

John Smith pays a total of $12.

You decide to refund John Smith.

John Smith receives $12 back.

You return the $10 ticket price back to John Smith.

Sparxo returns the $1 Sparxo fee back to John Smith.

You pay for the $1 Stripe fee that is paid back to John Smith.