Crystle Wong

Hustler | Leader | Philanthropist

Crystle serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Sparxo. She comes with a vast experience in the event industry and has guided some of the world’s leading event producers on various campaigns. She has co-chaired multiple projects for brands has served on the Board for Designing a Difference, (APAPA) Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association, and Zion Lutheran Church & School, served on committees for The Princess Project, is an active Board Member for LSS Norcal (Lutheran Social Services) and the APA Heritage Foundation Committee, and an advisor for YOUNGRY, a next-generation media company celebrating entrepreneurship. She has spoken for the Wells Fargo Innovator’s Club, events for Developer’s Week, and other panelist engagements.

Steve Liu 

Visionary | Creator | Technologist

Steve is the Co-Founder and COO of Sparxo. He specializes in UX design experience and was previously a UX Engineer at VMware. His love for events and experience in technology led him to build the foundations for Sparxo. He has pioneered an omnipresent approach to provide event producers a wholesome event solution validated by analytics, data, and research. Steve also serves as the Board Member for Asian Week Foundation and has appeared on multiple podcasts and publications.