Your brand in the spotlight

Sell tickets directly on your website and Facebook page

We believe you deserve to take all the credit for your events
We provide you with the tools to integrate ticket sales on your website so your customers know your brand and stay there

Facebook Integration

Let your fans buy tickets on your Facebook page

They never leave Facebook, ever, which means they stay engaged

Buying tickets on a Smartphone never looked this slick

Meet fans where they find you – mobile, desktop, Facebook.

Seamless integration

The Buy Tickets button let’s you place a ticket link in line with your webpage. Go ahead, click it

Embed the ticket check out flow right on your webpage

Are you hosting a lot of events? We make it easy to add a calendar of events to your site

Make your event page shine

Customize a splash page to highlight your event. We make it easy for you to add:
  • Images
  • Youtube videos
  • Soundcloud music
  • Maps
  • Other events hosted by Sparxo
  • Customized text
Your event never looked this good. The best thing is, customized splash pages are included with the rest of our services for free