Sparxo Event POS

Track your pre-sales and door-sales in one place

Sparxo event POS is a powerful tool to run a mobile box office. Easily collect payments with a secure credit card swiper and print tickets with the industry standard Boca printers.

Sparxo’s white-labeled ticketing solution

paired with the worlds best ticketing hardware

Boca Printer

Designed to be used with Boca Printers, the industry standard for professional ticket printing. Boca printers are fast and reliable thermal printers. No ink is required and the ticket background design can be customized. Boca is trusted by professional box offices to deliver a high-quality paper ticket.

Credit Card Reader

Security collect credit card information with MagTek card reader. MagTek works seamlessly with Sparxo, creating a quick check out experience for your mobile box office. Credit card information is encrypted for secure payment processing as an onsite event POS.


Pricing and Fees

Sparxo event POS can be used without additional hardware for free without monthly fees. There are additional hardware and fees when connecting the credit card reader and Boca Printer. To create the best experience, you must buy a Boca Printer and MagTek credit card reader. Contact us with any questions and we will guide you through the whole process.
  • Boca Printer
  • Boca Ticket Stock
  • MagTek credit card reader
  • Credit card scanners can be rented from Sparxo with a minimum 1-year contract or purchased. (Contact us for rates:
  • Normal Sparxo and credit card fee.

Ticket Stock

Boca Printers use thermal ticket stock. These can be customized to fit your brand. Thermal printing doesn’t require ink so there is no additional ongoing cost for ticket printing except for ordering ticket stock. Tickets can have security features such as color changing ink, holograms, and UV ink.

Payments with Stripe

Sparxo uses Stripe to process payments. Your pre-sale tickets and event POS tickets are recorded in one place for easier accounting.
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