A Better Alternative to Eventbrite

Event producers often turn to Eventbrite to plan, promote, and sell tickets. Eventbrite has been in the market long enough to make its presence known. Which is why it’s no surprise that everyone who wants to sell tickets and promote events online would think of Eventbrite first. Does that make it the best self-serve ticket seller and event platform in the market? The simple answer is “No”.

Many of those who use Eventbrite do so because there is a lack of awareness of Eventbrite alternatives. Many event organizers are simply unaware that there are Eventbrite competitors that provide better online tools required to sell tickets and bring people together for events

Pitfalls on Eventbrite’s model for event producers

A little digging reveals major flaws inherent in Eventbrite’s model that makes it a less ideal solution when growing your event brand and community as you work hard to promote ticket sales.

Eventbrite hurts your brand

Producing events is a powerful avenue for marketing your brand. When you organize an event, you hope to use that opportunity to promote your business and strengthen your brand. With Eventbrite, you will not be successful at that regardless of how much you try, Eventbrite brands the event pages in orange – their brand color. They also put a solid focus on their logo.

In essence, Eventbrite will turn your marketing opportunity into their own each time you use the site to sell tickets or showcase your events on your website. Those who have tried to play around with the code to get the colors right for their events have failed each time. You just cannot personalize the design in favor of your brand – though it is your own event.

What are the chances that your customers will leave your site to go and register on the Eventbrite website? Very high! Do you want to lose control of your brand, community, and traffic to Eventbrite?

Do not create marketing initiatives only to have Eventbrite dilute the event and mix the traffic with competitor events. Regrettably, that is just what happens when you organize your events through Eventbrite. Once they get hold of your hard-earned customers, they will send them streams of spam emails about your competitor events. As it is, there is little you can do about it at this point. It would already be too late as you would have already put your brand in their hands.

Sparxo: a leading Eventbrite competitor

For a business that is looking to establish a personalized, exclusive event experience for its customers and prospects, Eventbrite is just not the answer. Sparxo is.

Sparxo provides you with easy website integrations and allows you to retain full control of your branding, whether it is on your site or the hosted with Sparxo splash pages. The service offers many ways for you to publish your event. If you are looking for a completely integrated solution, there are quick and easy ways to embed event check out on your website.

Sparxo allows ticket buyers to purchase tickets without ever leaving or having to leave your website – meaning that all your customers remain strictly yours.

Even if you have no website yourself, you can use the Sparxo splash page design tool to create custom modern-designed splash pages that use your own brand. These are mobile compatible pages that Sparxo hosts for you. Sparxo also lets you sell tickets directly on your Facebook page or promote your personalized events across social networks like Facebook.     

This service is designed to allow you to take back control of your brand and own the entire customer brand experience for your customers to your level best; starting with the invite through the registration, all the way to your post-event follow-ups.

Eventbrite, on the other hand, limits your attendees’ liberty since they are required to become Eventbrite users when they register for any of your events. Users who are not into such registrations may be unwilling to proceed with registration for your event!

By opting for an Eventbrite alternative, like Sparxo, you can escape Eventbrite’s direct promotion of itself and competitor events to your attendees. That’s the surest way to save the power of your perfectly executed event from getting diminished.

Eventbrite hurts your bottom line

If you host a paid event on Eventbrite then prepare to pay more, up to $24.95 maximum fee as opposed to the $3.30 maximum fee that Eventbrite alternatives like Sparxo charge.

Eventbrite operates on a freemium model, meaning that the features you can access are limited to the amount of fee that you pay. If you pay less, you will only have access to limited functionality that might not benefit you fully.

Make 100% of the ticket sale with Sparxo

With Sparxo, the money you generate from all tickets you sell belongs to you. The company does not have any freemium model for upselling. You have full access to all the features you need to professionally manage your event, without any additional charges. At the rate of $3.30 maximum fee, Sparxo gives you unlimited access to all events including free events.

Eventbrite also subtracts the credit card fee from your ticket value. This means you are learning less than your advertised ticket. With Sparxo, earn 100% of your ticket value

Eventbrite delays event payout

An even worse part of working with Eventbrite is its policy on funding. The company generally holds onto your funds until 4 to 5 days after your event has ended before sending you the money. It may also withhold a percentage of your money in its discretion since it reserves the right to do so.

Receive your funds fast with Eventbrite alternatives like Sparxo

You’ll love the fact that Sparxo lets you receive your funds as quickly as every event day once the funds have been approved and verified. This means that the platform provides you with unrestricted access to cash liquidity that can be extremely helpful with hosting an event.

Eventbrite shares your attendees’ data with its affiliates

Part of the terms of service that you’ll be signing for on Eventbrite website is a clause that permits the company to use your attendees’ data for purposes of its own internal business objectives, which includes sharing that data with its subsidiaries; affiliates and parent companies.

This in effect takes your brand equity away from you, the event producer. They reserve the right to control and do with your customer data as they please. This happens even though terms of service of such a third-party service provider should be giving you some form of protection.

The plain simple truth is, you will lose control of your client data the moment you agree to that fine print. How does this benefit you? Not a single way. How it benefits Eventbrite? Every way possible – because you are actually bringing them additional avenues for growing their customer base.

Sparxo: guaranteeing you the sole control of your client data

When you install Sparxo on your website to help you sell tickets and run your events, you are in total control of all your client registration data. Sparxo safely stores data of every registration performed on your site in your database, and you can access it at your own discretion.

Sparxo’s easy-to-use interface gives you immediate and unrestricted access to the information you need, whenever you need it. At no time will Sparxo share with any other party the data that belongs to you.

Sparxo data analytics

If you care about getting the data necessary for improving your marketing and sales then you’ll want to look to Eventbrite competitors instead. Eventbrite competitors like Sparxo are your best bet. Sparxo, in particular, helps you locate your loyal fans and engage with prospects who are attending for the first time through the platform’s data and rich analytics.

To put it simply, Sparxo provides the tools you need to keep track of every one of your events. It makes it a breeze to collect all the information you need about tickets and manage your attendees. With their dashboard, you get useful at-a-glance visualizations that easily show you how your events are doing, so you can keep track of your event progress.

Even more importantly, Sparxo does not market competitor events to your attendees, which sets it apart from Eventbrite.  

Eventbrite fails to meet your needs on aggregate data

Being a closed system, Eventbrite makes it difficult to import sales data or guest lists for your own use outside of Eventbrite.

Sparxo, however, allows you to download the data, import it or export it – whatever works best for you. You can use the data as you please to grow your brand. This option is informed by Sparxo’s recognition of the need for you to work with other ticketing systems to drive your sales initiatives.

The mass data import feature on Sparxo lets event producers work with other ticketing companies as additional promotion channels and reach their marketing goals.

Sparxo: creating the difference

Whichever way you look at it, there is so much you gain from working with the better Eventbrite alternatives like Sparxo. These Eventbrite competitors empower event producers like you with services that drive value for money.

It costs time and money to plan and run a well-executed event so it only makes sense when that event yields a measurable return on investment, ROI, and helps you build your brand and you’re your business.

Own your events. Own your brand experience. Start to sell tickets on your website through integrations such as buy buttons, card lists, and calendars – all without ever linking off your page. That is the merit of choosing Sparxo, a white-labeled product that directly integrates to your site and social pages.