Connecting to Stripe

Before you can begin selling tickets, you must connect Sparxo to a payment processor. Sparxo uses Stripe because of its security, convenience to our customers and seamless integration.

To create a Stripe account you will need to gather the following pieces of information:

Legal Name The legal name of your business.
EIN / Tax ID This is optional if you are creating an account as an individual.
It is required if you are signing up for a Corporation, Partnership, Non-profit, or LLC.
Business Address The address your business is registered to.
Website Your company website address.
Legal Name Your legal name, whether you are representing yourself or a company.
Date of Birth Your date of birth, whether you are representing yourself or a company.
Last 4 Digits of SSN To verify your identity, Stripe will ask for the last four digits of your social security number.
Bank Routing Number Your bank’s routing number.
Bank Account Number Your bank account must be a checking account. This is where the money from each ticket purchase will be sent.
Email Address This email address will be used to log into the Stripe account.
Password For security, use a unique password.


To connect Stripe to Sparxo you can follow the Welcome Guide:

  1. On the second page of the Welcome Guide there are two options. If you don’t have a Stripe account, no problem. Click “create a new stripe account”. This will take you to the Stripe sign up process.Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.09.33 PM
  2. On the Stripe sign up page, enter your information and click “Authorize access to this account.”Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.14.19 PM
  3. If the authorization is successful, you will be automatically brought back to Sparxo and you will see the status message: “Currently connected to stripe account:”

    Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.15.41 PM
    Congratulations! You have now linked Stripe and Sparxo and are ready to start collecting money when selling tickets or accepting donations. For more information about Stripe visit their support page:
  • TIP: You can always go back to the Welcome Guide by selecting it in the drop-down menu when you click on your email address in the top right corner of the page.Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.16.38 PM


  • TIP: You can also find the “create a new Stripe account” and “use current Stripe account” buttons on the payment options tab in settings: click on your email address -> click on Payment Account. Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.53.46 PM