Security Statement

Sparxo technology platform is built on a combination of public and private cloud infrastructures. This modern architectural design not only allows us to have redundant data centers for speed and reliability but also extremely secure data storage control. Our application is designed to handle website with high traffic volume. Even in the event that our service goes down, our application will not interfere or affect the uptime of the host website, making sure the user experience will not be affected. In fact, even the loading of our application on the hosted website will not slow down the site’s download speed because our application data is asynchronously loaded. We take web performance very seriously.


For security, we employ the same high standard adopted by financial industries to protect our users’ financial and person data.  All our merchants’ passwords are hashed and salted using SHA 256 encryption algorithm. Sensitive data during transport is done on a SSL secured connection using 256-bit bank level encryption. Key information in our database is encrypted, scrambled, and decrypted with a dual layer security protocol to make sure that the data in the database is meaningless in the unlikely event of a hacking done on a database tier.  Because of this, only the merchant will have direct access to their data.