2. Creating a Sparxo Account

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Creating An Account

You might be used to creating an account and sharing the password to that account for everyone that is working on the event you’re creating. We think that is really insecure. With Sparxo, everyone working on your project creates their own Sparxo account. Events can be shared between partners and team members to manage, view and edit.

Creating a Sparxo account is easy. To get started, visit http://nest.sparxo.com.

Sign Up Information

The sign-up page collects a few pieces of information:

First Name The first name of the Sparxo account admin.
Last Name The last name of the Sparxo account admin.
Email This email will be the username used to sign into the account. Please provide a valid email in case we need to get in touch.
Password For security, use a unique password.
Contact Number The number your ticket buyers can contact.
Contact Email The email your ticket buyers can contract.
Company Name This is your organization’s name that your ticket buyers will see.
Website This is your organization’s website.
Credit Card Bill Descriptor This will show up on your ticket buyers credit card statement. Make sure this is set as your ticket buyers might dispute a charge if they do not recognize where the charge came from.

Steps To Get Started

Sparxo is unique in the account creation process. We believe that every event producer can have one Sparxo account and share events between accounts to collaboration when managing events. Signing up for your own account is easy.

For events that you own, we want to let your customers how to reach you by email and phone. This contact email can be the same as your Sparxo sign-in email but it doesn’t have to be.

For events you own, we also want to share information about your organization with your customer. The credit card bill descriptor will show up in your customer’s credit card statements. Make sure they know where the charge is coming from by giving a good description of your company.

Connect Sparxo to Stripe. For more information, follow our Connect Sparxo to Stripe setup instructions.

Once Stripe is connected. Double check if your currency is set correctly and continue to the dashboard.

You are now at your event dashboard and ready to create your first event.


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