Facebook Post Sharing/ Reward Guest for Sharing Your Event

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Facebook Post Sharing/ Reward Guests

It’s time to turn your event goers into promoters! Maximize your audience who is already excited to attend your event by offering to reward them for getting their friends to also register or buy tickets to your event.

Turn ON the feature “do you want to customize your Facebook post” to give registrants the opportunity to share the event with their friends on Facebook after they have successfully registered to your event. Leave the fields blank and the event description, title, and picture will automatically fill in.

Optionally, you can customize the post by entering a custom URL, post title, and description.

A preview of the post will show on the right.

After a registrant has successfully registered, they will see this confirmation message.

They can select the button “Share to Facebook” and they can share the event on their Facebook page to track how many of their Facebook friends register through it.

To offer a reward to registrants for getting friends to register through their links, you will want to turn ON the feature “Reward guest for sharing event”.

Your registrants can either use the share to Facebook button or use the splash page URL identifying link below it. Both ways will track if they sell any tickets and automatically generate their free ticket(s) as you set up in your Sparxo dashboard as their reward.

For example, if you set up 1 ticket reward for every 3 tickets they sell, our system will automatically issue them a complimentary ticket to their email address once 3 people have registered using one of their identifying links.


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