How to Add a Tax on Tickets/ Send an Invoice

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Certain types of events in some areas require a tax to be paid on tickets sold. Our team has designed a way to easily and simply add a tax to a ticket. You can add a flat fee tax or a tax percentage to the ticket price.

You can add a tax fee inside of Edit. Locate the ticket level you want to add a tax fee to and select Advanced Settings for that ticket level. You will see a field “Tax Fee”.

You can switch between “$” and “%” for Tax Fee by clicking it with your mouse. A drop-down menu will appear for you to select “%” or “$”. By putting your cursor into the field, an overview of total fees including the Tax Fee will appear of what your customer will see and pay.


Your customer will automatically receive an Email Confirmation with an itemization receipt/invoice inside the body of the email. However, if for some reason your customer cannot find it or is requesting a new one to be sent, you can do this from your dashboard.

Scroll over the event > select Manage > select Resend Email > select Receipts on the left side > locate the customer using the search field bar > select the checkbox next to the customer’s name > select Send Receipts on the top right side

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