4. Start Selling Tickets, Embed and Integrate Sparxo

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Start Selling Tickets

Sparxo is best for those who want a ticket check outflow on their website. We made sure that we easily integrate with your website. We also have a plug-in so you can sell event tickets on your Facebook page as well. If you don’t have either a website or Facebook page we highly recommend that you get one. For those event producers that don’t have a website or Facebook page, you can always use our hosted splash page to start selling right away.

Splash Page

If you don’t have a website, use the Sparxo splash page to start selling tickets right away.

Embed Sparxo on your website

Embedding Sparxo on your website is easy. Simply copy and paste two lines of code and you can begin selling tickets on your site.

Integration Codes & URLs

Integration codes and URLs can be found in the manage section of your event. You can turn off the Splash Page URL, Facebook App, Event Card, and Calendar posting individually with the switch icon.

Sell tickets on Facebook

Add a Facebook tab to sell tickets on the Facebook web app. This is a great place to meet your fans on Facebook.

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