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A Better Way to Party

THE CHALLENGE | The more tickets you sell in 2016, the more dollars we’ll donate to the charity of your choice!
Add “Donate Now” buttons to your website, create a mobile-friendly splash page, and promote every event on Facebook!

Sell Tix on Facebook

Promote and update new events on Facebook in one click. Now, anyone can purchase tickets directly on your organization’s page.

Take Score: track your efforts

Track tickets you’ve sold and dollars you’ve raised in donations. Collect names & emails to help promote future events or fundraising efforts.

Check in your guests

Easily check-in guests to your event with our iOS and Android check-in app. Scan tickets or search for names to check-in.

Worth the Rush

GREEK IT | Customize the entire experience to showcase your colors, letters, & mantra!

buy button integration

hosted splash page

With one click, everything is updated to your website and Facebook page.
Don’t have a website? We’ll help you build a splash page in 4 clicks: sell tickets, show videos, add SoundCloud player, and collect donations for every event.
Use discount code FreeTest to test the checkout flow.

Change the Status Quo

Make 2016 greater than It Began!

Specific Ticket Level Buy Buttons

Highlight a specific ticket level while tracking total sales combined with all other ticket levels

Bottle Service Sales & Info

Capture bottle service sales before your event while collecting preferences on liquor, table placement, and more through our Custom Additional Information field

Ticket Sale Launches

Automatically set-up different launch dates and times for your ticket levels

Referral Tracking

Empower hosts to take ownership of the event by giving them their own event sales link. Understand the difference between who is driving traffic to your event and who is generating revenue for you.

Check-in with Ease

Import guest lists from other systems into Sparxo for one seamless check-in experience for you and your attendees.

POS Door Sales

Capture credit card sales at the door while syncing up pre-sale ticket sales data.

Receive Funds Before Your Event

You work hard to produce the event and sell tickets. Expenses add up quickly. Receive funds as tickets sell!

Scanning Down the Line

Use our smart phone check-in app to speed up your check-in process. Available in iOS and Android.

Group Packages

Offer group packages and discount rates

Smart Email Confirmation Messages

Setup smart messages that send a different custom message to each ticket level.

Include Reminder Messages

Remind your event attendees to bring student IDs, government issued IDs, coat check policies, tips on parking, costume rules or any other helpful information through our Custom Email Confirmation Page.

Discount and Promo Codes

Offer hosts and event partners unique promo codes to increase sales.

Custom Splash Page

Utilize our free, hosted splash page to sell tickets for your event if you do not have an existing website to integrate with.

Collect Donations

Raise money for your organization while selling tickets to your event.

Record Complementary, Cash, and Check payments

Need a place to consolidate all your accounting numbers? Record tickets sold outside of our system for FREE. Send tickets too.


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