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Guy Douglas – The Gong Guy and Founder of So...


I had a spiritual experience at the early age of 20 that opened me up to a deep sense of empathy for the human spirit which led me to a path of being of service to others. On my path I met Alex Grey an amazing world renown artist in New York City who led Full Moon Gatherings. It was there where I first encountered these healing instruments. After attending the event where I encountered these instruments I went home that night and while laying in silence I could here a residual sound of the bowls as if something was calling me to these instruments.

That was the beginning of the journey through the arts of sound baths, healing, and meditation.

It’s an experience that has the sounds of the heavens and the sounds we experience within the womb, we’ve been conditioned to think that heaven is somewhere else but it’s not too far out to think that “it was like I was in heaven” actually means that you are experiencing just that, heaven… Having the ability to experience something out of this world in this world is something that is more attainable then we think.

For many, it’s a reset button for the week. It allows people to quiet their mind, open their heart, and listen to that inner voice.

Guy Douglas – The Gong Guy and Founder of Sound Meditation SF along with Simona Marie Asinovski

Lex Jensen shares her start as a Promoter and her ...


“I started promoting with Live Nation in 2009, Strange Music and their Psychology Tour was the first concert I remember promoting, I remember just wanting to get in for free. Back in the day it was cool to be a promoter; you were part of that IN crowd had all the inside scoop of what was happening in the party scene (before the internet and shit).”

“A year or so later I moved to Wyoming, and I started throwing my own events. There were 4 rappers in town and, 1 of whom is now my husband, and since no one wanted to book out hip hop shows in Casper I figured that doing it myself was the only way to make this shit happen. They (the city of Casper) were so reluctant to have these shows. I guess media just portrays rap/hip-hop as this womanizing/vulgar/alcohol abusive kind of thing so them thinking that it would happen to their lil town in Wyoming probably played a role in that “hostility”.”

“I’ve always viewed [hip hop] as a form of poetry, lyricism is a form of art that many genres can’t really integrate into their music. I mean I will always have a huge appreciation for Beethoven and Mozart but hip hop just has a lot more tangible substance that people can relate to vs. the abstract interpretation that comes with other music like classical and jazz. I started listening to hip hop because of my mom. She loved Eminem and SPM. My father listened to The Grateful Dead and Neil Young, and even though my parents got divorced when I was 3, to this day I can see the influence they had on my musical taste, and I thank them as they gave my something I will have for the rest of my life: the ability to appreciate the beauty in all type of music.”

Lex Jensen — Bookings for The Roxy Theatre & Manager at RhymeSick estimated. 2009

Welcome to our journey

Sparxo has been a 4 year project started by a few event producers that also have a passion for technology. Together, we have experience in cloud infrastructures, payment, user experience, and building strong partnerships. Our event background gives us real world experience to build the technology that event producers need. As we grow our community, we ask you to join us on our journey to take technology and blend it to one seamless experience. We are not just a ticketing company. We are a technology company building solutions for event producers. Connect with us today at [email protected] to join us on our journey.