Step 2: Creating ticket levels

  1. Once you have filled out basic event information, you can start creating ticket levels. Ticket levels allow you to have multiple ticket types for a single event. For example: you can create a VIP ticket level for VIP tickets that is priced more than the General Admission ticket level.

    Input Descriptions:

    Ticket Name The name you want to give your ticket level.
    Ticket Price The price of the ticket.

    This fee is an additional fee you would like to charge your customer. The total ticket price has two parts. The ticket price and the fee. The fee is made out of your fee, the credit card fee, and the Sparxo fee, and if your event needs to collect taxes.
    This is where you can enter tax.
    Ticket Quantity The maximum tickets at this level you wish to sell.

    The minimum quantity of tickets sold per transaction.

    The maximum quantity of tickets sold per transaction.

    If you want to provide additional information to share to your customer.

    This is the start time of when the ticket level will be live after your event is published.
    Ticket sale ends This is the start time of when the ticket level will stop after your event is published.
    Pass fees onto customer Sparxo is free because we pass all the fee’s to the customer. You can also pay the fees yourself so Sparxo is free for your customers instead.

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