For those who are building
communities around food.

The best stories are shared over a meal. Whether you are creating a farm to table dining experience, creating a dinner series focused around unique tastes, or testing your dream restaurant concept with a pop up restaurant, we know that the community that supports your food experience matters and so does their ticketing experience.

Grow your community and your following by making your brand the focus of the ticket buying experience. Choose Sparxo as your event ticketing partner for food experiences.

We care as much about crafting your experience as you do.


5 Things to Keep in Mind When Launching a Popup Restaurant

Kitchen wizards with fine taste and a flair for flavor aren’t letting yesterday’s barriers get in the way of being a top restauranteur. Cooking up their wildest dishes and creating temporary, memorable dining experiences, chefs around the country are adding mobility and spontaneity to their recipe for success.


A Better Alternative to Eventbrite

Event producers often turn to Eventbrite to plan, promote, and sell tickets. Eventbrite has been in the market long enough to make its presence known. Which is why it’s no surprise that everyone who wants to sell tickets and promote events online would think of Eventbrite first. Does that make it the best self-serve ticket seller and event platform in the market?


Learn More About Our Vision

We believe anything is possible if you are at the right event. We believe in creating spaces where people can more easily connect. This is done through great user experience, reasonable ticket fees, and a respect to those who are creating communities. We give credit to event producers and brands who create places for people to belong, giving them control over their brand equity.

Customer Highlight

Locavore Farm – Grant Park Illinois

“We’re a family-run small farm, growing food and creating events with chefs that connects guests to where food has its beginning. Guests purchase their share of the harvest and enjoy the fruit of our labor through a feast served at a 100-foot table set in the fields and garden on our land. Come and connect with locally-grown food and the appeal of rural-living, raising a glass to the slow life.
Sparxo makes it easy to sell events directly on our site. Our community knows exactly where to find our latest events.”
~ Rachael Jones, Locavore Farm

The Nightwood – Portland Oregon

“The Nightwood is a collaboration of #womenpassionate about kicking the status quo to the curb, so it was important for us to choose the right event partner.
Sparxo, being a modern ticketing platform was a perfect choice.
It has all the functionality you need in ticket sales.
But what we love the most is their impeccable #customer service. They are responsive and willing to work with you and guess what, they even built a custom landing page for us before our website was live!
We believe that Sparxo is the perfect partner not only to farmers, butchers, and #creatives that band together to produce extraordinary #experiences around #food and #wine but also for event producers who aim to stand out as brands that create the best events and build an amazing #community .”
~ Leah Scafe, Director of Experience, The Nightwood

Put your brand first.

Embedding events on your website has never been easier. Your customers can discover, register and pay for your food experience events without ever leaving your site.
Good for your brand. Good for SEO.

Easily List Your Events

List your upcoming food experience events. Once our Event Card List widget has been added to your site. Use Sparxo to easily manage an upcoming event list.

Fill Your Calendar With Events

Sparxo Calendar Widget makes it easy to add a calendar of events for all of your events – food experiences or other.