Add Discount Codes

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Discount codes are useful when promoting the event to special groups. Creating discount codes by turning on “Offer Discount Codes” in the event editor.  A pink bar will appear. Click the pink bar to begin setting up your discount code. You may continue to create multiple discount codes by clicking the pink bar.

Multiple discount codes can be entered per discount code group. These discount codes will have the same rules when used.

TIP: Only one discount code may be applied to each transaction.

TIP:  You can use the same discount code box for multiple discount codes that offer the same discount on the same ticket levels. For example, the discount offered is 20% off of General Admission. You can set up the same discount code box and set multiple codes. See image below.

Locating Discount Code Data

You can view which discount codes were used by going to your Ticket data. Ticket data is located under “guests” which is found under Manage which is located by scrolling over the event. You will want to open the table view filter to make sure the discount code is turned ON so that when you export the data, you will see if a discount code was used and by whom.


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