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Sparxo web-based check-in is good for situations where you are running a box office for check-in and POS. Sparxo offers check-in and POS by a browser or mobile application.

Mobile Application

You may download Sparxo Check-in which includes POS from the Apple iTunes store under “Sparxo Check-in“. We suggest making sure your device has the most updated iOS system. We also encourage you to make sure you check for updates to the application prior to each usage.

You can read more about Check-in here:

Sparxo POS will automatically be available when Sparxo Check-in is downloaded to an iPad. It will not be available or visible on an iPhone due to the size of the device screen. To rent or purchase a credit card reader compatible with Sparxo POS, please contact us at

Sparxo POS will display each ticket level you created in your event. Your cashier simply needs to tap the square of the ticket being purchased. If you added an extra tax or fee, it will display as part of the itemization along with the Sparxo and Stripe Fee, when applicable.

After the ticket(s) are selected, simply click “Charge” at the bottom. We suggest verbally informing your customer the total charge so it is not a surprise.

The bottom of the screen offers a toggle to select payment by cash or credit card. Please make sure to select the correct payment method.

If credit card is selected, please go ahead and swipe the credit card. If you do not have a compatible credit card reader, please select the keyboard icon on the top to enter the credit card information manually.

The following screen will be to confirm the credit card information. Once the payment information is entered, the customer has the option to enter their contact information for you to store in your Sparxo dashboard and receive a receipt, if an email is entered.

The last screen offers the options to print ticket, print badge, or skip. In order to print a ticket onsite or badge, please contact us at to order or rent the correct technology and hardware.



Find this feature by clicking on the check on the left-hand navigation menu.

Check-in by Browser

This can be used to check people in with a USB laser scanner, or by searching for the ticket holders name, email or ticket ID. When searching or scanning, make sure you have the right text box selected by following the icons above the text box.

Point of Sale (POS) by Browser

The web check-in also has a simple POS system. Connect a USB magstripe reader. All tickets will show up in this section regardless if they are turned off on the splash page or not. 

Once a ticket is selected and checkout is clicked, you will be prompted to swipe a card. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete checkout. Or you can choose to manually enter the information. To do so, simply select the keyboard icon located at the top left corner.


Testing Your CC Swiper/ Reader by Browser

If you want to test your credit card swiper/reader before your event, please select the settings icon located at the top right corner of your POS dashboard, and then select “Test swiper card”.


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