Box Office and POS

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Sparxo web-based check-in is good for situations where you are running a box office for check-in. Find this feature by clicking on the check on the left-hand navigation menu.


This can be used to check people in with a USB laser scanner, or by searching for the ticket holders name, email or ticket ID. When searching or scanning, make sure you have the right text box selected by following the icons above the text box.

Point of Sale

The web check-in also has a simple POS system. Connect a USB magstripe reader. All tickets will show up in this section regardless if they are turned off on the splash page or not. 

Once a ticket is selected and checkout is clicked, you will be prompted to swipe a card. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete checkout. Or you can choose to manually enter the information. To do so, simply select the keyboard icon located at the top left corner.


Testing Your CC Swiper/ Reader

If you want to test your credit card swiper/reader before your event, please select the settings icon located at the top right corner of your POS dashboard, and then select “Test swiper card”.


Last Updated On November 02, 2018