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Collaborate on an Event

Manage events together with Collaborate. With collaborate, you only need to create one Sparxo account, even if you are working with different partners for each event you put together. This is because Sparxo allows you to share information for each event with a specific set of people. The event owner controls who can view and edit the event.

Roles/ Administrative Privileges

Creator of the Event

The Stripe account connected to the Sparxo account of the creator of an event is the bank account that will receive the funds for the event.
TIP: You can connect your Stripe account to multiple Sparxo accounts.


There are two permissions when adding a Collaborator.
TIP: Both permissions allow the Collaborator the ability to use Sparxo check-in.
The first is “view only”. This permission will allow the Collaborator to view details of the event without taking any actions on the event except to Edit the event set up.
The second is “edit and view”. This permission gives The Collaborator full access to the event.

Automatically Connecting Accounts/ Auto-sharing Events

On the backend of Sparxo, we can connect any Sparxo accounts so they automatically share access to all events. This feature is great for large organizations or organizations with multiple locations.
Headquarters can maintain full access to all events across all locations while enabling each location manager to have access to their own account.
TIP: However, funds for the event will still go to the creator of the event.
TIP: This feature is also great when pairing it with our Event Calendar and/or Event Card List View integrations. All events across all accounts connected will automatically update to the website the integration is on.
For more information on this or to implement it, please contact your Sparxo representative or contact us at
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