Clone or Replicate an Event

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Clone or Replicate an Event

We understand that there are some events that happen on a regular basis. To simplify the set-up time and reduce any potential for errors, we have built a Clone feature. It simply allows you to quickly replicate any existing event on your account. It will replicate all of the features selected including any Design done on the Event Splash Page and any added Collaborators.

Clone is found by scrolling over the event.

TIP: When you Clone an event, it will add “_copy” to the end of the existing title and URL to create a new record since there already exists an event with that name and URL. You can change the event name and URL at any time using Edit.

TIP: If you would like to auto-share all events on your account with another account, please email your Sparxo representative or email us at to request that we connect your accounts on the backend.

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