How to Delete an Event

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We are so focused on data and collaboration tools to best help you launch and manage your event from beginning to end. Since we are all only human, our team realized people make mistakes and designed our dashboard so that no one can accidentally delete an event and all of its data.

What you can do is turn an event OFF or inactivate an event, and then hide it from view.

TIP: No one is able to access your event unless you share the event link, embed our code into your website, or install our Facebook application. Creating an event will not automatically make your event link searchable or available.

Turn Event Off/ Unpublish an Event

To turn an event OFF, simply scroll over the event and select Manage. Then select Event Status and “Yes” to unpublish the event.

Hide Event From View

Your dashboard is automatically set to display all events. However, you can change this by switching it to display only “active events” or “inactive events”. In this case, you will want to display only “active events”. This will hide all inactive or events that are turned OFF.

This is located at the top of your home page next to the search field.

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