Import Guests and Send Complimentary Tickets

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We allow you to import guests so that you have all your event information in one place and that you can seamlessly check-in guests under one event list.

This can be done in the add guest section of manage by following these steps:

  1. Select a Ticket Type
    You can only add guests one ticket tyle at a time.
  2. Select Complementary, Cash, Or check
    Sparxo doesn’t do anything with this information, this is for your own tracking.
  3. Add a Note
    Adding notes is optional, this is for your own tracking.
  4. Copy and paste a list of guests
    It’s a good idea to copy the columns into a spreadsheet either using excel or google sheets. Then you can copy and paste that list in.
    TIP: If you don’t have an email, make up an email.
    TIP: If the ticket level doesn’t have enough available tickets to complete the import, the available ticket quantity will be increased automatically.
  5. If you want to send tickets to the imported guests, turn on send a ticket confirmation to the guest. This option is off by default.
  6. Click Add Guests once to add guests.
    NOTE: Import will take a while and there is no feedback. Please wait a few minutes for the import to show up. You can not import more than 500 names at a time.

Once you add guests, our system will include them in the data analytics for how many times they have registered for an event.

TIP: All imported guests will also automatically receive the automatic email notification all regular attendees receive about the event one day in advance. To turn off this automatic email, please refer to our page on Manage Scheduled Emails:

Complimentary Tickets

If you want to send complimentary tickets, turn ON the Send a ticket confirmation to guests option on the bottom left corner. Once you add the guests, a ticket will be sent to the provided email. If this option is left off, no email is sent, they will not be notified or have a Sparxo ticket.
TIP: You can only send a maximum of 50 complimentary tickets per a person.
TIP: It is in your best interest not to send multiple tickets to the same person. It is best to have a different name and email address per ticket. This is better for security and check-in, as well as for your customer database.


Once added to the system, guests can be checked in by name or email address without a Sparxo ticket.

TIP: If you are importing tickets from another system for seamless check-in. It’s a good idea not to send an additional ticket, as that might be confusing to the customer.

Last Updated On September 27, 2018