No Refund Policy

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No Refund Policy

If you have a no refund policy, it’s important to put a disclaimer of your no refund policy clearly in your ticket check out flow. You will want to use Ticket Description in Advanced Ticket Settings to clearly notify customers of your refund policy. This will discourage fraudulent disputes or refund requests.

You locate this by clicking Advanced Ticket Settings under each Ticket Level.

Write: “This ticket is non-refundable.”

Another place to state that tickets are non-refundable is in the terms and conditions. You can edit terms and conditions on the bottom of the edit event page in the optional settings section.


We also encourage you to post your refund policy in the Event Description itself. The Event Description is found at the top of Edit.
Lastly, we suggest also posting the refund policy in the automatic Email Confirmation page message that is sent to each ticket purchaser. This is a feature you must turn ON under Edit. You can read more about Customizing the Email Confirmation Page here:

Last Updated On November 15, 2018