Previewing Your Event Set-up

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Previewing Your Event Set-up

Sparxo is designed with your best interests in mind. This means all of the focus is on your brand, not ours. Once you set up your event, no one will be able to access it or view it unless your share your Sparxo Splash Page URL or integrate the Sparxo code into a website. You can easily preview all of the Sparxo set-up and integration options from our “Integration Codes and URLs” page.

  1. Scroll over the event you want to preview, click Manage
  2. Click Integration Codes and URLs
  3. Click the eyeball icon next to any of the options to preview what the integration would look like on your website or copy and paste the Sparxo Splash Page URL into a new tab on your browser

Enhancing Your Splash Page

If you would like to add photos, videos, music, text, or a map to your Sparxo Splash Page, please view instructions on this page here:

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