Postpone and Reschedule Your Event

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If you have to postpone and reschedule your event, please make sure to clearly communicate everything to your attendees! Here’s a quick outline of what we suggest you do:

  1. Change the event date and time of your event
  2. Considering changing the Name or Title of your event to something like “RESCHEDULED [NAME OF EVENT]”
  3. Schedule an Email to inform your attendees of the postponement and include:
    • A brief description of why
    • Your refund policy for those who cannot make the new date


Because we care about you and want to make sure we are transparent, in regards to refund requests, while Sparxo refunds its platform fee, you will be responsible for paying for the Stripe credit card processing fee on refunds. This is standard to credit card processors and event ticketing platforms. Most event ticketing platforms just won’t clearly let you know this. Most event ticketing platforms also do not refund their platform fee the way that we do. If you don’t make money, we don’t either.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

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