Re-sending a Ticket or Receipt

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Sparxo understands that customers often mistype their email addresses or accidentally delete emails. You can easily resend a ticket and/or a receipt to a customer. You can also update their email address in the case it was mistyped, to begin with.

Resend a Ticket/ Update Email Address

You can update the email address for the ticketholder in the same place you can resend their ticket. Resend email (which means resend ticket) is located under Manage which is found by scrolling over the event in your dashboard.

Once you are inside Resend email, you will see two tabs “Tickets” and “Receipts”. Tickets is where you can update the email address for a ticket holder and resend their ticket(s). Receipts is where you can resend their receipt for their ticket(s).

To update the email address, locate the customer by using the search bar. Once you locate the customer, move your cursor next to the checkbox on the left side of their name. An edit icon shaped like a pencil will appear. Select the pencil icon and then edit the email address. Finally, scroll back over to the left of the checkbox and select the save icon shaped like a floppy disk to save the change.

To resend the ticket, check the checkbox next to the customer’s name and select send ticket on the top right corner.

Next you will have the choice to void the existing ticket and generate a new one. For security purposes, we suggest doing this so that your customer cannot attempt to use the same ticket twice to check-in. Then select “resend tickets” to send the tickets to your customer.

Resend Receipt

Resending the receipt is very similar to resending the ticket. The difference is that you will select the Receipts tab on the top left corner. Once you locate the customer, check the checkbox next to their name and hit “resend receipt”.

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