Referral Tracking Links

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Setting up tracking links

Links to the event page can be created. This is a good idea to set up if you have many promotional channels such as Facebook, Google ads, email campaigns, partnerships, etc. It’s simple to create a link. The referral link will show up on the referrals tab under the guest section of manage.

To begin, click on Track Referral Links in the manage section of your event.

To create a link, enter each tracking code separated by a comma and click generate link(s). This will create a list of tracking links that you can share.

Setting the URL of the referral link

By default, your event URL will show. You can use this link or you can replace this link with a link where you have embedded Sparxo. The tracking link will work with any URL that has Sparxo Embed, Buy button, Calendar, or Card View added to the page.

Referral Tracking Link/ Clicks vs Conversion Stats

You can find the stats for referrals under the referrals tab in the guest section of manage. Here you will find data on clicks and conversions. It will list our every promoter or referral link used, as well as every webpage Sparxo was embedded to. It will display how many times the link was viewed (clicks) and how many tickets were sold from that link (conversions).

Understanding Who Sold What

You can find a column under Payments Data that shows you who sold the ticket to the ticket purchaser. It will display either the Referal Tracking Link or the word, phrase, or name used to create the Referral Tracking Link. The column is titled “Referred By”.

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