Square Space Update for Integrations (July 2018)

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We love recommending Square Space as an easy-to-use and beautiful website template to use to set up your website. Square Space offers an easy way to integrate code such as Sparxo’s integration codes to allow event-goers to register for events directly on your website without being redirected.

Square Space has recently made an update to their system that affects code added to a Square Space website. In our case, it disables the Sparxo code (script).

Please follow the instructions on this Square Space article for injecting the Sparxo code to make sure it is compatible with your site:


In short, here is the text version:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, click Advanced, then click Code Injection
  2. Copy and paste the following into the blank area now displayed:

<script>(function (d, s, b) {if (d.getElementById(b)) {return;} var l, f = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];l = d.createElement(s);l.id = b;l.src = “https://e.sparxo.com/assets/shared/client.js”;f.parentNode.insertBefore(l, f);}(document, ‘script’, ‘sparxo-js’));</script>

Please contact us if you have any questions – [email protected]

Last Updated On August 21, 2018