Selling Tickets with Goldstar

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As you may already know, our founders created Sparxo with the idea that your brand should always be the forefront of your event and the only brand your audience engages with. However, our founders also understand that for small to medium-sized event brands and organizers, you may want to try and sell tickets in as many ways as possible on as many platforms as possible. Goldstar may be one of your top choices.

Our system is designed so that you can sell tickets on as many platforms as you’d like and be able to use Sparxo Check-in for all tickets.

While Sparxo doesn’t yet have a direct integration with Goldstar, you can easily sell tickets through Goldstar using Sparxo tracking codes. All you need to do is contact Goldstar through your Goldstar account and notify them you would like to sell tickets through Sparxo. Sparxo can send them barcodes for them to use on Goldstar tickets so that the printout is seamless for check-in using Sparxo check-in application.

In order for this to work, keep in mind that you must:

  1. Create and set up an event in your Sparxo dashboard
  2. Have active or live ticket level links available
  3. Connected a valid Stripe account

After you contact Goldstar, please contact us so we can send you the barcodes –

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