Understanding Your Customer Database (Guest Database)

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With over 20 years of event production experience in our founding team, we understand the value of owning your customer database. We gather customer data for you to export or download in two ways. The first is per event. The second is for your entire account.

Customer Data Per Event

You can locate your customer data per event by scrolling over the event and selecting Manage. Once inside Manage, you want to select the “guests” tab. All of your customer data is located here.

We separate your data into four categories – Tickets, Payments, Questions, Referrals. Tickets data is where you can find all customer data around their tickets. There is a “Table View” here where you can select which data you want to see and export.

The Table View options will display under your Ticket Data. To see which guests checked-in to your event when using the Sparxo Check-in application, you will want to turn ON the “Check-in Status” and “Update Time” options. The Update Time will display the time and date the customer checked-in.

Payment data is all data on payments. We pull the data directly from Stripe for your convenience. Therefore, there may be a slight delay in data updates. You can also login directly into your Stripe account to view payment information.

Question data is all data you collected if you set up any additional custom questions for your attendees.

Referral data is an itemization of every click and conversion for this event. You will also find all data here if you created and utilized our referral tracking links. If you embedded Sparxo into multiple websites, you will find the itemization of clicks and conversions here as well.

Customer Data Per Account

Our team understands the need to be able to aggregate all of your customer data in one place and spreadsheet for analysis and future use. You can locate the aggregated customer data for your account by clicking the people icon on the left-hand side of your Sparxo homepage.

The people icon is the fifth icon down from the top. This is a complete list of all customers and attendees who have registered for your events created on your account. Please note that any events shared with you through collaborating will not display it’s customer data here. Customer data per account is an aggregate of only the events created on its own account. You can utilize the calendar feature on the top right to narrow the search for your customer database. You can easily export this list by clicking “Export” on the top left corner.


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