Voiding or Refunding Tickets (Remove a Guest)

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Voiding or Refunding Tickets

Founded by experienced event producers, we understand the need to Void tickets and issue Refunds at times. With Sparxo, you have the freedom and power to Void tickets and issue Refunds whenever you’d like. We believe in developing long-term relationships with you, our customers, and we believe in enabling you with the tools to develop long-term relationships with your customers. Issuing refunds to your customers will refund 100% of their money spent including all fees from Sparxo and Stripe, our credit card processor.

TIP: If you want to remove a guest from your guestlist, you will want to Void their ticket.

Void vs Refund

Void and Refund are separate features. Sometimes you may want to void a customers ticket(s) but not refund them. Perhaps they were caught breaking the rules, starting fights, or other. Whatever the reason, you have the ability to Void their ticket so they will not be able to check-in at the door when you choose to use the Sparxo Check-in Application or Browser Mode. Refunds are just that – refunding your customers money. You can only refund a customer 100% of their funds through the Sparxo dashboard. If you’d like to refund only a partial amount, please note that you can do so through your Stripe dashboard. Also, note that partial refunds or any refunds done through your Stripe dashboard will not reflect inside your Sparxo data in your Sparxo dashboard.

Locating Void & Refund

All of your tools to manage your event are located inside Manage of your event. Manage is found by scrolling over the event.

Once you open Manage, you will see all of the tools available to manage your event. You will find Void & Refund here.

How to Void a Ticket

Once you are inside of Void & Refund, you will see a list of all of your attendees. Use the search bar field on the top right to locate your customer by name or email address. Once you locate the customer, click the settings icon on the left-hand side of the customer’s name.

Review the information displayed. Once you confirm it’s correct, click ” Void Tickets”. If the customer purchased several tickets, you will then see an itemized list of each ticket bought. Select the checkbox next to each ticket you want to Void. Notice the “Send Email” box is automatically checked. This means the customer will receive an email notification that their ticket(s) were Voided. Once you confirm the information and select the checkboxes for which ticket(s) to void, click “Confirm” at the bottom. Our system will then prompt you to type the word “VOID” to confirm the selection.


TIP: You can verify a ticket has been voided by locating the purchaser of the ticket under Payments data and clicking the “i” icon to the left of the purchaser name.  A window will open that shows you an itemization of every ticket the purchaser has and the status of the ticket (i.e. valid or void). You can read more about Payments Data here: https://www.sparxo.com/knowledge-base/understanding-your-payouts/

How to Issue a Refund

Similar to Voiding a ticket, you will open up the Void & Refund section. The Refund option will only appear if your ticket(s) for the event were paid for. If it was a free event, Refund will not appear as an option. When opting for a Refund, you will also have the opportunity to Void the ticket(s). Once you locate the customer to Refund, click the settings icon on the left-hand side of the customer’s name and click “Issue Refund”.

You will then be asked to select which ticket(s) you want to Refund and/or Void. Simply check the box next to the ticket(s) you want to Refund and/or Void. An email message will be generated to send to your customer. You can edit the email message displayed before sending.

Once you’ve confirmed the information regarding your Refund and email message, click “Confirm”. Our system will then prompt you to confirm by typing “REFUND”.

Partial Refunds

As described above, you can only issue partial refunds directly through your Stripe dashboard. Any refunds done through your Stripe dashboard will not reflect in your Sparxo dashboard. Once you login to your Stripe account, use the search field at the top to locate the customer you want to refund using the customer’s email address. Then, select the customer’s purchase that displays that you want to refund. Simply click the “refund” button located near the top of the customer’s itemization information regarding the purchase, enter the amount you want to refund and follow the instructions to complete the partial refund through Stripe.

Last Updated On November 14, 2018