Understanding Your Payouts

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Connecting with Stripe to Receive Payments

To receive Payouts, you will need to create a Stripe account and connect it to your Sparxo dashboard. Or you can connect an existing Stripe account.

Please view instructions on connecting a Stripe account here: https://www.sparxo.com/knowledge-base/connecting-to-stripe/

Locating Payout Data

  1. Payout Transfer Data, Dates and Payments Received Itemizations
  2. Payments Data
  3. Closing Report
  4. STATS Data

Payout Transfer Dates

For your convenience, we pull this data directly from Stripe into your dashboard. You can view it by clicking the credit card icon on the left-hand navigation of your Sparxo home page of your dashboard.

Here you will see two tabs – Payments and Payouts. Payments is an itemized list of every purchase made by an event attendee or customer of yours. Payouts is an itemized list of when Stripe has or will deposit funds to your bank account.

Stripe Payout Data

For the most current payout and transfer data to your bank account, you may want to go directly to your Stripe account. Once you log in, you want to select Balance on the left-hand navigation and then select Payouts. You will see all of the transfer dates to your bank as well as amounts. To view an itemization of payments, select the Payments option on the left-hand navigation. To check which bank account is attached, select Settings located under Balance.

Payments Data

This is the most up-to-date Payments data in your dashboard. Other places that display payment data may take a few days to sync with Stripe’s database. To locate Payments Data, scroll over the event and select Manage > guests > Payments.

To get an exact total at any given moment of sales, please select Export Table to .CSV. The file will open in Excel on your computer. You will want to total the column “Net Payout”.


TIP: If you cannot locate a ticket in our system, it is likely the ticket has been voided. You can verify this by locating the purchaser of the ticket under Payments data and clicking the “i” icon to the left of the purchaser name.  A window will open that shows you an itemization of every ticket the purchaser has and the status of the ticket (i.e. valid or void).

Closing Report

The Closing Report takes a few days to sync with Stripe and may not reflect an accurate up-to-date total until a few days after your event has ended. Your event Closing Report is also located under Payments Data. It is the button located next to “Export Table”. To simplify your accounting purposes, you can export your Closing Report a few days after your event ends to get a final overview of your ticket sales, customer itemizations, and refunds.

TIP: To save your event Closing Report, select Print > select “Change..” under printer Destination > select “save as PDF”


You will see a total on the right-hand side under Ticket and Financial Summary that displays “current payout”. This data may also take a few days to sync unless you are viewing it a few days after your event has ended. The most accurate up-to-date payment data will be to download your Payments Data as described above.

No Stripe Account Connected

You cannot sell tickets without connecting a Stripe account. Our system will display to your event attendees the following message:

You can reach out to your Sparxo representative or contact us at contact@sparxo.com to have us collect funds for you and distribute the funds to you via check instead. In this case, you will still need to submit your company information to us as we will submit it to the IRS notifying them of your total revenue.

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