Make the most of your Sparxo Event Splash Page

Create multi-media landing pages for your event with Sparxo Event Splash Pages, making it easy to show off your event using videos, pictures, sound files and creative text. Today, we want to highlight a few useful parts of the event splash page.

Adding Photos to Splash Pages

Three ways to use Sparxo Event Splash Pages  

1. Website/Blog

For event producers that spent the time and money creating the perfect website. Our Splash pages embed seamlessly with any site with easy. This allows visitors to your site to stay on your site as they browse events and buy tickets. They will never leave your site. This is great for site retention times, which is great for your SEO.


2. Facebook

There’s no need to have a website to show off your Sparxo event splash pages as long as you have a Facebook Fan page. Ticketing can be embedded right on your Facebook Fan page where you can reach your fans. Facebook is where 1.8 Billion people spend their social media time.


3. Stand-alone

If you don’t have a site or Facebook Fan page, we highly suggest you get one. Having a web presence is one of the best things you can do for your brand. If you don’t have the time to build a site, Sparxo splash pages can stand alone as a landing page hosted by us. Creating Sparxo splash pages is easy and great looking, customized by you.


Splash Page Features



Sharing a video of your event really engages your audience. There are a lot of emotions and fine details that are lost without the excitement of video. If you have taken the time to create videos for your event, definitely show it off on your splash page right before the checkout flow. Create excitement, show off your hard work.



Photos are a great way to show what your event is all about. Photos create excitement and entice audiences. Use pictures from previous events, show pictures of the venue, or and highlight your headliners.



We recommend sharing sound clips if your event is featuring musicians or a speaker. Attendees love to hear a little preview. This lets potential ticket buyers learn more about your event.



Every great event has a great description. Insert text has part of your splash page design. Use text as headers, add a description, and label your pictures, videos and sound files.


You spend a lot of time creating a great event experience. Splash pages are often the first impression of your event. Spend a few seconds to really highlight your event.