Sparxo makes it easy to add an event calendar to your website

We just upgraded our embedded calendar. Sparxo Embedded Event Calendar makes updating an event calendar on your website easy. After you embed the calendar once on your website, you never have to touch code again. Simply create an event on Sparxo and the event automatically syncs with your website.

embedded calendar

Customize the calendar with three color themes. When we first made our calendar, we came out with a calendar with a blue background, we call this theme, Classic. We added two new themes; Black for dark background websites and White for light background websites.

Our calendar is great looking too. For one day events, we show the poster for the event right in the calendar tile. If your organization has multiple events a day, we list all events in that day. If your event spans a few days we list the event every day your event takes place.

choose color theme

Collaboration on a calendar

Sparxo makes it easy for venues and organizers to share events on a calendar. One unique feature of Sparxo is the ability to collaborate with several event producers on one event. Each Sparxo account has a unique calendar that can be embedded on a website. Person A can share events on Person B’s calendars by collaborating on an event together.