Sparxo Mexico Event Ticketing Support

Today, we are excited to add MXN to our officially supported currencies (alongside USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, EUR, and SGD). With this feature, Sparxo launches Sparxo Mexico event ticketing support. Event producers in Mexico can better sell tickets online and on their site. In addition to processing ticket sales in MXN, Spanish speakers can use our system natively with the addition of a Mexico Spanish language pack.

Over the last few months, we have been working closely with the Stripe Mexico beta team. We thank Jennifer He, an account manager at Stripe, for working with us as early adopters to Stripe’s Mexico Beta. Mexico Stripe beta team has been working hard to improve Radar to best detect and block fraud charges in Mexico.

Our move into Mexico was spearheaded by a contract with Foro Sur, a stadium and concert venue holding events with a crowd sizes of more than 5,000 ticket holders.

Foro Sur Venue Picture

The latest release includes some specific updates:

Payment and Pricing: 

Standard pricing in Mexico for ticket sales is 10% of the ticket price. This price includes the Sparxo fee and credit card fee. Mexico also has a required IVA (value added tax). Sparxo is compliant to IVA rules by providing a separate tax field in the ticket creation flow.

Payment is handled in MXN and can be deposited straight into any bank account in Mexico. The same 2-5 day processes time applies offering liquidity to event producers as they sell their tickets.


Part of the core architecture in Sparxo allows for language packs for both our back end and front in workflows. This allows us to move quickly into countries. We even joke internally that we could have other fun language packs added to the system because of how easy it is to add language packs. ( e.g. Snoop-doggy-fied language pack).


Sparxo Mexico Event Ticketing Support: Sparxo Language Screenshot


Physical Tickets:

A big part of this project was the adoption of physical tickets into our system. Sparxo has the capability to print out secure physical tickets that can be scanned with our check-in app. This allows tickets to be sold in box offices. This traditional way of selling tickets is still a primary use case in Mexico.

Ticket Scanning and Check-in

For this project, we also upgrade our Andriod and iOS Sparxo Check-in app. This app can now scan bar codes along with QR codes. In addition, we improved performance and battery life to compensate for low connectivity areas. This was also an opportunity to improve the User Experience as we were building the app from the ground up.