Sparxo Check-in, a Free Guest List App for Events

Change isn’t popular when it comes to running event operations.  Entry management and managing a guest list are one of the main factors for a successful event. We are proud to announce a new check-in app and we offer it for free. That means you can use our whole system for FREE to manage your guest list regardless of how that list is created. This app also makes a great companion for those who are selling tickets with our system.

Easily import a guest list into the Sparxo system along with custom fields, payment methods, and contact information so you can keep track of the guests that are coming to your event. Please note that this app is most optimal when using our registration system to have your attendees directly register through our platform. We then allow you to import sales lists of guests gathered from other systems or in other ways into Sparxo to combine your lists for check-in. However, you can choose to bypass this and simply import a list of guests from the back-end. Simply note that there are some limitations to this and the user experience is first created for registrations directly through Sparxo. You may want to opt to turn OFF the automated emails we send.

For more information about this app, read the description below and find the Sparxo Check-in App in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This is a change you want to look into.


Sparxo Check-in App

App Store Description

Do you have a guest list that you need to manage for an event? Sparxo Check-in has the performance you need for fast, accurate guest list checking no matter how big your guest list is. This is the best system for entry management. It even works with unstable or no wifi.

Auto Offline Data Sync:

We understand that not every venue has perfect wifi. We designed our app to work in any environment. Simply sign in to your account where there’s wifi, and our app will take care of the rest of it. When there’s unstable wifi, our app will temporally save all the data in an offline mode, and resync your data once it detects wifi. Everything just intelligently works out and you don’t need to touch a thing!

Easy to add guests to the system (FREE)

  • Import guest lists of unlimited size for free
  • Import lists by copying and pasting from Excel, Google Sheets, or any .csv
  • Live data sync of imported guests
  • Send QR codes to guests for a more secure check-in
  • Use multiple lists per event (general admission, VIP, Staff)

Secure and fast check-in (FREE)

  • Scan QR codes on paper and smartphones
  • Built-in Camera QR and bar code scanner
  • Search for guests using first name, last name, email, and ticket code
  • Send a simple reminder to guests imported into Sparxo
  • Offline mode supported for low connectivity areas
  • Use multiple devices for multiple check-in locations
  • Live syncing between check-in devices

Insightful analytics (FREE)

  • View chronological check-in history
  • View check-in statistics

Sparxo is FREE for FREE events:

Are you an event professional looking for ways to best sell your tickets and promote your brand? Sparxo is the platform for you. Here are some premium features: