Change Ticket Holder Names

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A majority of the management tasks can be found in the manage tab when you have selected an event. To change a ticket holder name, click on Resend Email. Here is where you can change the name and email address assigned to the ticket. If a new ticket should be sent to the new ticket holder, you can resend the email and event void the old ticket.

Change Ticket Name

Hover over the ticket you wish to change, a red pencil will appear. Click on the red pencil to edit the name or email.

Edit the fields you wish to change. Click the floppy disk save icon to save.

Resend Email

To resend the ticket, select the ticket or tickets you wish to resend and click Send Ticket on the top right corner of the list of tickets.

If you want to void the previous ticket. Select “Void the ticket and generate a new one”. Click resend tickets to resend the ticket. 


Last Updated On June 15, 2018