2. Create a Ticket Level

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Create a Ticket Level

Ticket levels are each class of tickets you wish to sell. Each level can have its own pricing, sales window, and description. Use ticket levels to create tiered pricing, offer different experiences at the event, or target different customers (e.g. child, adult, senior).

Ticket Level Settings

Each ticket level has three main settings: Ticket Name, Ticket Price, Tickets Available.

Ticket Name Name your ticket level a short and unique name
Ticket Price This is the price of the ticket before fees if you are passing the fees onto the customer or the total price if you are absorbing the fees.
Tickets Available  This is the number of tickets available to purchase for this ticket level.


Advanced Settings

Ticket description The ticket description is shown near the ticket name on the checkout flow.

TIP: This is a great place to list information about the ticket level such as “This ticket is non-refundable.”, “Guest List is free before 10:30PM. You must make it to the front of the line and have your name marked off before 10:30PM to be valid.”, or information about what the ticket level includes such as “This ticket includes a free glass of champagne, access to the VIP lounge, and photobooth.”

Your Fee Sparxo groups all the fees together in the checkout flow. You may add an additional convenience fee that is yours to keep.
Tax Fee If you need to collect a tax, you can add tax to your ticket. This can be added as a percentage or a dollar amount.
Default tickets selected When the user visits the event, the number of tickets specified here will be pre-selected.
Minimum tickets required You can select the minimum number of tickets that can be purchased at a time. This is good for ticket packs, group deals or a table group.
Maximum ticket limit This is the maximum tickets at this level that can be bought at one time. If you have trouble with ticket scalping, set this number to a low number.
Email Message specific to the purchase of this ticket level Sometimes there are specific instructions or information that needs to be shared with a specific ticket level. Use this field to add those statements. If you want to send the same message to all ticket holders, regardless of level, use the optional setting, customize email confirmation page.
Tickets Sales Time This is the time window that this set of tickets would be sold. The ticket level will not show if this setting is turned on and the current date is not between the ticket sales start and end time. https://www.sparxo.com/knowledge-base/customize-the-email-confirmation-page/
Pass fees onto customer By default, Sparxo passes the fees onto the customer so that Sparxo is free to use and you can earn the whole ticket price. If you absorb the fees so the ticket price is the entire price, uncheck this setting.
Hide from check out flow Hide ticket from the checkout flow and reveal it with a discount code. Use this setting if you wish to hide this ticket level which can only be revealed with special instructions.

How to Delete a Ticket Level or Turn it Off

You can either delete a ticket level or turn it off. You will want to delete a ticket level if you do not plan to use it and do not plan to Clone the event for future reference for event set-up. You will want to turn a ticket level OFF if you plan to Clone the event in the future to utilize the event set-up and ticket level set-ups. Or you may want to turn a ticket level OFF to hide from the frontend view, but display on the backend for POS options. (Read more about our POS here: https://www.sparxo.com/knowledge-base/sparxo-check-in-app/)

To delete a ticket level, simply click the trash can icon on the top right corner of the ticket level.

To turn the ticket level OFF, simply click the toggle button on the top left corner of the ticket level so it goes from green to no color.

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