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Sparxo Check-in Application

Entry management is made easier with the Sparxo Check-in App. This app is available in the Apple iTunes Store and the Andriod Play Store. Sparxo Check-in is also available on your computer from your Sparxo dashboard by selecting the checkmark icon on the lefthand navigation.

TIP: It is important that you make sure to check the App store to make sure you have the most recent version downloaded. You must be using the most updated version of the application.

TIP: If you simply want to download your Guestlist, please see this page for directions:

TIP: If you will not have a good internet connection at your check-in location, please download the application ahead of time and log in to your Sparxo account in your check-in application so that you can download the guest list before your event.

TIPIf you have imported a guest list and included Notes, Notes will not appear in the check-in application. Notes will only appear in your backend dashboard view of the customer.

PRO TIP: You may want to train your check-in staff to know that when using QR code scanner, they should always exit the scanner when it is not in use. For example, they may scan in several guests and then let the device go to sleep or lock. When they reopen the device or unlock the device for QR code scanning again, they will need to exit the QR code scanner and reopen it for it to work. Without doing this, the QR code scanner will not scan.

If you are planning to use multiple devices for check-in, it is only secure when all the devices have a strong internet wifi connection so that the data will sync between devices. You could still use all devices offline, but the data will not sync in terms of who has already checked-in and who has not. All devices must be used in the same mode, meaning all devices must be in online mode or offline mode. If some devices are in offline mode and some are in online mode, when all devices eventually sync with the internet, all data will sync with the offline mode device.

If your guests print their tickets out for check-in, please note that if the print quality is bad, our scanner may not be able to read it. If this happens, you will simply need to check them in by name or Ticket Code; both are found on the printed ticket.

Once downloaded, sign in with your Sparxo account. Collaborators on your event will also be able to see active events when they sign in as well. After signing in, selected the event you wish to manage check-in for.

TIP: A strong WiFi connection is needed especially if you have multiple check-in devices so data can sync and duplicate check-ins are avoided.

Searching for Tickets

Tickets are listed alphabetically and can be searched for by name, email, and ticket code. Pressing a name will mark the name as checked in. If you made a mistake, you can press the name again to uncheck the name.

Scanning Tickets

QR codes can be scanned using the Sparxo Check-in App. Each digital ticket has a QR code. Press the pink QR code icon to bring up the ticket scanner.

If the ticket is a valid ticket, you will be notified with a green check.

If the ticket is not valid, you will be notified with a red x.

TIP: Double tap the screen if it doesn’t scan in case it needs help focusing on the image.
NOTE: The scanner will scan mobile screens or printed paper. If the printed paper doesn’t scan even after focusing the camera, the print quality of the image might be bad. Therefore, check the guest in by name or ticket code found on the same ticket.

Check-in History and Stats

You can also view the check-in history and basic stats of how many guests have arrived. Keep track of how many people came in and how many people have yet to check-in.  To do this, click on the graph icon on the top right of the screen.

TIP: After your event is over, you can export an Excel sheet of guests who checked-in with their timestamp. To see which guests checked-in to your event when using the Sparxo Check-in application, you will want to turn ON the “Check-in Status” and “Update Time” options. The Update Time will display the time and date the customer checked-in.

Sparxo Check-in Browser Mode/ Computer Mode

Simply click on the checkmark icon on the left-hand navigation of your Sparxo dashboard home page.





Once clicked, a new tab will open that will prompt you to select the event you want to check-in for.


Once you select the event you want to check in for, you will be able to check guests in by barcode, ticket code, email address, name, or utilize our POS system.

You will automatically be on check-in by barcode. You will only be able to check-in by barcode if you have prearranged to borrow or purchase one of our compatible barcode scanners. It connects to a laptop through USB. The cost is about $20 to purchase one.

To check-in by ticket code, email or name, you will need to select the option. Whichever options are highlighted in pink is the option our system will be using for check-in. Keep in mind that if barcode is selected and you are attempting to check-in through the customer’s name, it will not be possible.

TIP: If you will not have WiFi onsite for check-in, please sign-in to your Sparxo dashboard while you have WiFi and switch it to Offline mode. This will download all the data for check-in uses, but it will not sync up the check-in data among multiple devices until you go back to Wifi. Offline mode is found by selecting the “settings” icon on the top right corner.

Ways to Check-in

1. Barcode

You will only be able to check-in by barcode if you have prearranged to borrow or purchase one of our compatible barcode scanners. It connects to a laptop through USB. The cost is about $20 to purchase one.

2. Ticket Code

Every ticket issued to a customer has a unique and secure ticket code associated with it. The ticket code is located beneath the QR code on the PDF ticket sent to your customer. To check-in using ticket code, simply enter the first 2-3 characters and our system will autofill the possible ticket options. Simply select the correct one to check-in.

3. Email Address

For optimal check-in efficiency, we do not suggest checking guests in by email address unless this is the only way to locate their information. This is simply because it can be difficult to hear what the customer is saying to spell their email address. To locate them by email address, simply begin entering the first few letters of their email address and our system will auto-fill the email options for you to select.

4. Name

We suggest asking customers to show you their ID when checking them in by name. This saves time and possible difficulty in hearing them spell their name for you. Simply enter the first 2-3 characters of their name and our system will auto-fill the options for you to select.

5. POS System (Point of Sale)

Our current version of POS is only available through browser version of Check-in. To use it, simply select the ticket type(s) the customer is purchasing.

Once you’ve selected the ticket(s) being purchased, click the “checkout” bar on the bottom. You will be directed to the payment section. It will automatically take you to the credit card swiper page. You will only be able to swipe a credit card if you have prearranged to borrow or purchase one of our compatible credit card swipers. If you do not have one, you can select to manually enter the credit card information by clicking the keyboard icon on the top left corner.

Once finished, click the “charge” button on the bottom to process.


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