Creating a Digital Event (Online Only Event)

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Sparxo can easily be used for virtual or digital events. In a few quick steps, your online event will be up and running!

  1. Create a new event in your dashboard or click CLONE from an existing event template
  2. Enter the event information like normal until you get to Event Location, to automatically set the timezone correctly, please enter the city and state of the timezone you want to set the event for, click the correct selection from the drop-down menu that appears once you enter a city name
  3. After selecting a city and state for Event Location, use your mouse or cursor and manually type in “Virtual Event” or “Online Event” in the Event Location field just before the city and state. You can then go ahead and delete the city and state from the text field for Event Location and simply leave the “Virtual Event” or “Online Event” text.
  4. That’s it! You’re all set! Go ahead and finish entering the rest of your online event details

Some Advanced PRO tips might include:

  • Setting up an automated “Email Message specific to the purchase of this ticket level” with the online event details and link to joining or a message informing the customer you will be sending it to them 24 hours in advance, for example.
  • Scheduling an Email ahead of time that goes out to your attendees with information about your online event and how to join or watch live
  • Removing “Send Tickets” from “Customize the email confirmation page“. This means your customer receives an Order Confirmation and Receipt but no ticket for the event. They will also receive any custom messaging you create.


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