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Manage Scheduled Emails

Email reminders are a great way to make sure your guests remember your event is coming up. By default, we send a reminder 3 days and one day before your event. You have the option to turn these OFF and create your own reminders.

The Schedule Emails feature is found under Manage. You can locate Manage by scrolling over the event you want to manage and click “Manage”.

To schedule a new email, simply click the “schedule email” button on the right corner. Keep in mind that this email feature is not designed to be a full email marketing system. This is designed for you to send event reminders to your attendees or send information about your next event. For a full email marketing system, we suggest signing up for MailChimp. The email address associated with your account will automatically display as “Reply-to-Email”. You can change that email at any time by editing the text field. This email is designed for updates to attendees about the event. It is not a robust email marketing system. To send marketing emails, we encourage you to utilize a platform like MailChimp instead who is designed specifically for email marketing. Email us for access to our MailChimp integration at

TIP: Our email does not allow you to attach images. It only allows you to send text and URL links.

You can send the email now or schedule it to be sent at a later date and time.

NOTE: At this time, once created, emails cannot be viewed or edited.

NOTE: If you clone an event, emails will not be replicated and schedule email settings will default to be turned on.


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