Find Your Loyal Fans & Newest Attendees

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Find Your Loyal Fans and Newest Attendees

Sparxo automatically records how many times a guest attended an event. This is a good way to see who are your most loyal event attendees or who is new to your community. Get closer to your community with personalized messages to thank loyal fans and welcome newcomers.

Attendance Count on the Tickets Table

Attendance count per event is shown in the Tickets view when you are managing an event. Follow this flow to locate your fan Attendance Count per event:

  1. Sign int0 your Sparxo account
  2. scroll over an event, click Manage
  3. Click the Guests tab in the top right navigation
  4. Make sure the Ticket tab is selected
  5. Locate Attendance Count column
  6. Organize the column by using the up/down arrows

Attendance Count in Guest Data

Attendance count is also available when viewing Guest Data. Guest Data shows information on all events connected to your Sparxo account. To locate your fan Attendance count across all events:

  1. Sign int0 your Sparxo account
  2. Click the people icon on the left-hand navigation named “Guest Database”
  3. Select a date range
  4. Organize the Attendance Count using the up/down arrows
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