Sparxo Ticketing, a Free White Label Event Ticketing Platform

Your event brand should always be the focus of your event attendees. You shouldn’t have to work hard and spend money on ADs only to redirect your attendees to a third party event ticketing platform. We are proud to announce our white label event ticketing platform. Our focus is on building great solutions and not on charging fees on top of fees. Event organizers have full access to our entire platform for free. We simply charge a small fee that is passed to your attendees. (Or you can choose to absorb the fees or split the fees.) Our fee never goes above $3.31.

Easily set up your events on our white label event ticketing platform and fully integrate it into your own website within minutes! Keep your attendees focused on your brand the entire time. It’s time to utilize your marketing efforts to grow your own SEO (search engine optimization) and not some other third party event ticketing platform.

With Sparxo, you can sell tickets directly on your website with no redirect, ask custom questions, sell from your Facebook fan page, aggregate any data from other systems in one place, and manage your entire customer experience from one place. Sparxo offers onsite operations and systems such as Sparxo Check-in, Sparxo POS (point of sale), and onsite registration staff available for hire.

Join us! We are leading the next generation of event experiences, empowering event brands and producers to control and manage the entire event experience from digital to physical.

For more information about our white label ticketing platform, read more below.




Are you tired of relying on a ticketing system to sell tickets? Are you tired of redirecting all of your traffic and attendees to someone else’s website? Do you want to own your entire customer experience from event registration to check-in and the onsite event itself? It starts here – with white label event ticketing! Set up your event and start selling tickets from your website in minutes!


Tired of waiting until your event is over to collect funds? Tired of being surprised with unexpected ticketing or processing fees? That’s why we believe in transparency and we choose to work with Stripe. With our partnership with Stripe, the entire registration process and check-out remains white label and on your website. You also receive funds before your event! Funds are automatically deposited into your bank account on a rolling basis.

Integration Options

Our designers took great care to offer beautiful and easy integration options. You can integrate our white label ticketing platform through a Buy Button, Widget, Events Calendar, or Event Card List View. All of our integration options and our splash page URL are all mobile optimized.

Our Events Calendar and Event Card List view automatically update events to your website once they are integrated, simplifying the work your webmaster has to do moving forward.

Sparxo is FREE for FREE events:

Are you an event professional looking for ways best sell your tickets and promote your brand? Sparxo is the right white label event ticketing platform for you. Here are some premium features:

  • Sell tickets to your event with Sparxo Ticketing for a small convenience fee
  • Order secure paper tickets that work with Sparxo Check-in
  • Design beautiful splash pages with HD pictures, YouTube videos, Soundcloud files, maps, text, and cross promote your other events.
  • Embed purchase flow or RSVP flow on your website and Facebook page
  • Embed calendar or a card view to elegantly lists all your events on your website
  • Mobile check out flow optimized for smartphone RSVP and ticket purchasing
  • Collaborate with other event producers and share events between Sparxo accounts