Sparxo vs Eventbrite

Sparxo is for serious event producers who care about their brand and community.

The right Eventbrite alternative.

Features that will keep your brand in focus

We have hundreds of features. Here are a few features that keep your brand and community in focus and make Sparxo the right Eventbrite alternative for you.
No bright branding from the ticketing platform
No redirecting to platform website
No competitor event listings on your event page
No email marketing competitor events to your attendees
Completely white labeled buying experience
Event calendar integration for your website
Event card list integration for your website
Buy button integration for your website
Daily payout schedule
Easily export all event data
Easily import guestlist to use check-in app for free
Modern splash page builder
Easily add YouTube, HD images, Soundcloud, and custom text to your splash page
Low platform fee
Earn 100% of added convenience fee
Maximum platform fee per ticket

Grow your community and your following by making your brand the focus of the ticket buying experience. Choose Sparxo as your ticketing partner.

We care as much about crafting your experience as you do.


A Better Alternative to Eventbrite

Event producers often turn to Eventbrite to plan, promote, and sell tickets. Eventbrite has been in the market long enough to make its presence known. Which is why it’s no surprise that everyone who wants to sell tickets and promote events online would think of Eventbrite first. Does that make it the best self-serve ticket seller and event platform in the market?


Learn More About Our Vision

We believe anything is possible if you are at the right event. We believe in creating spaces where people can more easily connect. This is done through great user experience, reasonable ticket fees, and a respect to those who are creating communities. We give credit to event producers and brands who create places for people to belong, giving them control over their brand equity.

Sparxo works hard to put your brand first.

Here are some of the ways Eventbrite dilutes your brand and community with your competitors’ events.

Eventbrite wants to promote all events, not just yours. If you create an event on Eventbrite, your competitors will be promoted on your event Splashpage. You worked so hard to get people to your event page, don’t let them get distracted.

At Sparxo, we believe that it takes time to build a great brand and community. We believe in quality events over quantity of events. For those event producers that have a loyal brand and following, we are perfect the perfect Eventbrite alternative for you.

After your event is over. All the traffic that is directed to your old event page is redirected to your competitors.

At Sparxo, we believe that this traffic needs to go to your website and your brand space. That’s why we make it easy to embed your own event calendar and event card list to your website.

Learn more about adding Sparxo to your site >

Eventbrite will take your customers and make them theirs. We all hate email marketing and spam. Your customers will be added to Eventbrite’s email list. Having consistent messaging to your community is important. Eventbrite is often created with their marketing emails. Their messaging will most likely not match yours.

Sparxo is a great Eventbrite alternative. Sparxo will never cross promote or email market events to your community.

Eventbrite is simply too expensive.

Not only does Eventbrite charge a percentage fee on top of their flat fee, the maximum fee is $24.95. We think that is way overpriced. Eventbrite also takes the credit card fee out of your ticket value. So you earn less than your ticket price.

With Sparxo, a great Eventbrite alternative, our highest fee is $3.30. We also give you the option to pass the credit card fee to the customer as well. This means you earn 100% of your set ticket price.

Sparxo puts your brand first.

Embed Sparxo on your website and start taking advantage of the traffic going to your brand.