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With Sparxo, you can easily allow your attendees to pay in installments by setting up specific ticket types paired with using ticket sale start and end times. You may also want to utilize our specific email confirmation messages to set up automated messages reminding attendees to submit their next payment on time.

For example, let’s say your registration ticket is $1200 and you want to set up 3 installment plan payments. 

You will set up three separate ticket levels with titles such as:

  1. First Installment Payment $400
  2. Second Installment Payment $400
  3. Third Installment Payment $400

We suggest you add a Ticket Description for each ticket level similar to:

This payment is non-refundable. This is one out of three total payments required for your registration ticket of $1200. Each installment payment is for $400. The next payment is due on or before December 1, 2030.

We also suggest adding a specific email message to purchasers of each specific installment level such as:

Thank you for your first installment payment. Each installment payment is non-refundable. Your next installment payment of $400 is due on or before December, 1, 2030. You can make your next payment here:

You may also consider setting up a Scheduled Email ahead of time to be sent to each type of ticket holder a day before the next payment is due.

You will want to turn OFF the features to send tickets to purchasers of the First Installment Payment and the Second Installment Payment. We suggest sending the ticket to the event with the last installment payment.

To turn OFF sending tickets, go to Edit > scroll down to the feature “custom email confirmation” > turn it ON if it is not already ON > at the bottom of this section is a checkbox for sending tickets, make sure that box is unchecked

To turn OFF sending email reminders to purchasers of the First Installment Payment and Second Installment Payment, you will want to check the following two locations:

  • You can turn this OFF by going to Manage > Schedule Emails > clicking the toggles so the corresponding email is turned OFF
  • You will also want to turn the event reminders OFF in another location under Customize the Email Confirmation Page by going to Edit > scroll down and locate the section “customize the email confirmation page” > turn it ON if it is OFF > at the bottom of this section is a checkbox for “send event reminder emails > uncheck this box > Save


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