5 Surefire Ways To Sell Out Tickets

Looking for surefire ways to guarantee a SOLD OUT event? Here are a few tips to help you on your way to success!

Early bird pricing

Generating a FOMO (fear of missing out) in your audience is an important part of selling out your event. Having 2–3 early bird pricing tiers with limited sales timeframes helps create a sense of urgency, which makes people want to secure their tickets right away before ticket prices go up to the next tiered price. You should consider putting marketing efforts towards encouraging people to buy their tickets before the next price increase by advertising “7 days left”, “48 hours left”, and so forth. If your event is annual, it’s a good idea to offer early bird loyal fan pricing to last year’s attendees who will likely be your biggest returning supporters. Remember, it’s all about incentivising attendees.

Have a couple of categories for your tickets to increase sales

Optimize social media marketing

A key to keeping your audience engaged with you on social media is to commit to weekly updates on all your social media platforms. You want to give your target audience compelling reasons to attend your event and stay engaged with your brand. To attract attention, you may want to consider hosting contests, doing giveaways, or setting up games to promote your event and drive ticket sales. Make sure you have specific call-to-actions and website links to more information to make it as easy as possible for potential attendees to register for the event. This is also a great time to consider advertising on social media through paid content which can help you reach very targeted audiences.

Optimize social media for your events

Get sponsors to promote

Your sponsors will also benefit from more attendees. It’s a good idea to bring them in to help promote your event together. You could make it easier for them by providing template content that they could use on their social media channels and networks to market the event. Depending on how involved sponsors would like to be, you could also co-create promotional campaigns that include competitions and other call-to-actions.

Get creative with guest posts

Consider inviting different people to write guest blog posts to add more peer content to your event marketing efforts. For example, you could ask your first few registrants to write a paragraph or two for you to use as a blog post about what they are looking forward to at the event; if you have attendees who came last year, ask them to write about their event experience in return for free tickets. You can also ask your speakers/performers/experts to write a post to add more color to the event. Get creative with the type of content you generate.

Find the right ticketing platform

All your marketing efforts are pointless if you don’t maintain control over your brand, website SEO, and event engagement with your audience.  Sparxo is a great platform to use for ticket sales as it ensures all the conveniences are at your fingertips. Sparxo lets you embed event registration and ticketing on to any website with no redirect or brand logos, create media-rich pages to help with your brand and marketing efforts, offers an easy guest check-in app and allows you to own all your data so you can track your progress. There are no tiered levels of access to features. Everyone has full access to all features. We listen to our clients and continuously improve our features to offer the best event management platform. We believe you should own your brand and always have control over the experience your audience has from digital to physical. Plus, you keep 100% of your ticket price with Sparxo.

 Sparxo provides an easy-to-use interface to sell tickets.
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