Where should you post your event? Eventbrite, Meetup, or Facebook?

Choosing which ticketing platform to launch your ticket sales on is often a hard decision, especially when you are hustling to grow your brand and reach a wider audience. Our secret tip is to leverage many services to get as wide of a reach as possible, instead of having to choose a specific platform to use. Millions of event goers browse Eventbrite, Meetup, and Facebook for events. Use these platforms and other local event listing sites to spread your event and sell a few tickets.

The Problem with Relying on Others to Market for You

There is a hidden cost to these sites beyond their transaction fees. Event aggregation sites often steal your brand equity and cross-promote your event with others just like yours. Your brand, and where you lead people is really important if you are planning to have recurrent events. This is why we recommend you lead your ticket buyers to your branded website. Then, when sending email blasts, buying ads, or working with influencers, every link should point to your website for tickets. This way, your brand has a chance to grow.

You don’t build brand loyalty when you rely on other platforms to promote your event. Event goers need a reason to learn more about your brand, mission, and grab a better idea of how they can keep engaged. Selling tickets to an event is a great way to attract people to your site. Once there, your site acts as another touch point for your brand.

Always Promote Your Brand

There are advantages when promoting your website instead of a random ticket check-out link. When visitors stay on your website longer as they buy tickets for events, this improves the time on page and dwell time metrics. Having the ticket check out flow embedded on your website also reduces bounce rate. Both of these improvements are good for your website’s SEO.

Sparxo makes it easy to embed your whole ticket registration flow on your website. Once someone buys a ticket, they are still on your site. This way, you are always marketing your brand. Use other event sites to help promote your event, even sell a few tickets. Import these extra tickets into Sparxo so that check-in operations are seamless. Once you capture their contact information, send them to your brand from that point on.

Also, use Sparxo to understand your audience better. Easily understand repeat customers and which marketing channel brought them to your brand, no matter if tickets are bought through your site or imported from another platform