A MEATING OF MINDS — How This Company is Changing The Way Meat Is Consumed

As a local company, you have something important to offer to your customers and the community; and it’s not just your products and/or services. It’s knowledge. Yes, it’s that age-old, wisdom-laden, ever-elusive and highly-intangible thing that makes you who you are, and makes you stand out from the crowd.

And knowledge comes in the bucket loads, when it comes to our event partner Portland Meat Collective. With a motto and philosophy that’s all about how to “keep meat real”, Portland Meat Collective is undoubtedly your go-to school on the West coast for hands-on classes revolving around one area of goodness — yes, you got it — meat. They know it best, and figured they were sitting on a gold mine of information that needed to be shared with the world!

You see, it all started way back in 2009 when a then- magazine editor and food writer by the name of Camas Davis embarked upon a little idea to find out how pork is sourced, you know, literally from the farm to the table. That took her on an incredible journey to France, where she studied the entire process first-hand from farming to butchery to charcuterie. It was an intensive and involved process that begun with growing the grain that feeds the pigs, up to the part where every single part of the animal was carefully and economically turned into wholesome food to be enjoyed by knowing customers. The meat was eaten with a reverence and respect that Camas had not experienced in the States, and she was determined to bring it with her as she headed back home.

Camas Davis

So began Portland Meat Collective as the local platform to highlight the processes behind your pork. The idea was that by bringing the community into the hands-on process of whole-animal butchery and charcuterie, consumers can truly come face to face with sourcing good, clean, fair meat, and just how important sustainable farms and humane meat production and processes are.

PMC founder Camas Davis teaching a pig butchery class @FeastPDX


And just how are these revolutionary ideas transposed onto consumers? Why, good old-fashioned education!

Portland Meat Collective has something to say and to give their ideas a voice, they have partnered with Sparxo to offer highly interactive classes and workshops to the community.

If you’ve ever been curious about just what goes into and around turning a pig into a sausage or bacon, for example, or you’ve wanted to try curing your own dried meats such as pancetta right in your own home, or you’d love to be able to break down a whole pig into beautiful and amazing cuts, with your own two hands — or it could be simply that you’ve never heard of the word finocchiona before and you’re immediately intrigued to learn that it is (a type of salami that hails from Tuscany) — whatever it is, Portland Meat Collective has a class specially designed for you.

A wide range of instructors work with Portland Meat Collective to get all that solid information to you — butchers that have studied old-world curing in Italy, to farmers who double up as beekeepers, and make their own soap. Meanwhile, Sparxo works hard with Portland Meat Collective behind the scenes to handle all their events and customer registration experiences, so they can truly focus on what they do best: keeping meat real.

A PMC class which includes a light meal as well

Now it’s time for your voice to be heard. What message does your company have to share with your community? Let us here at Sparxo make your company events effortless so that you too can focus on sharing the good stuff, the stuff that truly makes you YOU.