How Creative Startup Labs completely SOLD OUT their secret underground pop-up event using Sparxo

With a career in law and a passion for fashion, J. Brad Carrick identified that there was a gap in understanding legal aspects of the fashion industry. That’s why he founded Creative Startup Labs, a unique and innovative full-service agency dedicated to helping talented entrepreneurs start, protect and grow their business.

From brand development and legal services to creative financing and strategic consulting, Creative Startup Labs goes the extra mile for all its clients.   So how does Creative Startup Labs keep its clients’ events packed throughout the year?

Brad’s approach is multifaceted. He isn’t just focused on filling the space with bodies or consumed with the physical experience of attendees, but even more so, he understands that the brand image attendees have begins with the digital experience that happens before the event. He understands that it’s about the technology he uses to sell out events to provide a seamless and smooth digital to physical experience for each of his client’s brands.

A decade of event experience

Creative Startup Labs has been producing events for its clients for the past decade with notable industry experience in activating word of mouth marketing, memorable attendee experiences, and successfully selling out events.

In March 2019, Creative Startup Labs worked with a client to host an exclusive event called  MM Fantasy Soiree: Dragon’s Lounge, which showcased Asian-inspired art, fashion, performance and visuals by Mariya Milovidova. Performances included a series of modern dance, ballet and singing performances inspired by an appreciation for Asian arts and celebration of the Lunar New Year and the event was held at a secret, pop-up underground den at Eleven11 Fantasy Lounge.

The event had all the makings of a premium event worth talking about.

Switching technology to build brand following and loyalty

Creative Startup Labs recognized that they had to take a different approach if they wanted to stay ahead in the marketing game and really focus on developing its clients brand following to produce recurring successful events.

The goal was simple –

  1. Ensure the event is packed
  2. Provide the best digital to physical brand experience

From engaging marketing content and convenient ticket purchasing to smooth check-in, Creative Startup Labs wanted the end-to-end experience for its audience to be a seamless reflection of its client.

The right technology makes all the difference not only to the success of this show but also to the long term viability of brand loyalty and returning attendees.

This is where Brad and Creative Startup Labs decided to partner with Sparxo’s white label ticketing platform.

They were  attracted to Sparxo for a few key reasons which included:

  • Ability to keep 100% of their ticket price
  • Flexibility to create engaging landing pages
  • Maximize marketing efforts to improve their own SEO and brand
  • Ability to sell tickets on other ticketing platforms
  • Ability to aggregate all data into Sparxo
  • Referral tracking links to incentivize event partners

“Sparxo made it easy to track and incentivize affiliates and team members. We were also able to use several different promotional and discount codes that were customizable across ticket levels and times.“ – J. Brad Carrick, Founder of Creative Startup Labs

They set up their event on Sparxo with the intention to directly integrate with its website, use it as their primary sales promotion platform and increase their SEO efforts.

As per its client request, Creative Startup Labs also posted the event on Eventbrite in hopes of riding the email marketing and branded platform wave to generate more sales.  

“Funny enough, our client wanted to have an Eventbrite page up as she thought that would get her greater exposure. In the end, only one ticket sold on Eventbrite.” – J. Brad Carrick, Creative Startup Labs Founder

A partnership for life

Creative Startup Lab’s event was a huge success and they packed the venue for their event.

The agency sold 98% of tickets through its website integrated with Sparxo’s white-label ticketing platform. Numbers don’t lie. While Eventbrite boasts that the majority of sales come through Eventbrite channels, in reality, that does not translate into the majority of sales come from Eventbrite’s promotions and marketing or discovery platform.

A majority of ticket sales come from the event organizer’s own marketing and branding, driving traffic to Eventbrite channels.

Sparxo also offers 50% faster check-in compared to Eventbrite with its lightning fast QR code scanning.

“Overall, we had a seamless and smooth experience on Sparxo and will definitely be using it again for our future events.” – J. Brad Carrick, Creative Startup Labs Founder

Evidently, trying something new with the right mindset and functionality can be a real game-changer in marketing events and growing your brand.  

To check out how Sparxo can help take your event-ticketing and SEO efforts for your event to the next level, visit,